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Oscar Isaac recalls Hurricane Andrew scare

Actor Oscar Isaac has opened up about his harrowing experience during Hurricane Andrew, which destroyed his family's property and left him homeless at the age of 13.

In 1992, the deadly storm ripped through most of Louisiana and Florida, killing 23 people and leaving thousands of residents without a place to live. Among the victims were Isaac and his family, who lived in Miami when the hurricane touched down.

In an interview with Details magazine, the A Most Violent Year star recalls his terror as the high winds ripped through his house as his family huddled inside.

Isaac recalls, "We were huddled inside with cushions over us. The roof was torn off and the water was coming up. I was holding my dog. My room got completely swept away.

"And then, in the morning, my dad came and knocked through a wall and grabbed us and took us to the hospital where he was working."

Isaac also reveals he was preparing to move to another school before Hurricane Andrew hit, but was unable to attend the new facility because the storm completely destroyed the building.

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