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Olly Murs received death threats from Taylor Swift fans over joke

British pop star Olly Murs was sent death threats from Taylor Swift's fans for mocking her love life during a radio interview.

The Troublemaker singer said on an Australian radio show last month (Oct14) that Swift should stop writing tracks about One Direction star Harry Styles.

Murs later apologized for his comments, insisting it was a joke and he did not mean to offend the Shake It Off hitmaker, but her fans, named 'Swifties', still hurled abuse at him via social media.

Murs tells U.K. newspaper the Daily Star Sunday, "I got hounded by the Swifties. The Murs Army held strong but I got lashed out of it... I got death threats and everything. People were telling me to take a running jump off cliffs... It was a joke and the next minute I'm being abused from all corners of the world."

Murs also wrote Swift a letter of apology for his remarks but he has not received a reply.

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