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Olivia Munn impressed mum when she could pay for family feasts

Olivia Munn's mum knew her daughter had made it as an actress when she started picking up the bill for family meals.

The Newsroom star insists her mother wasn't impressed with her success until she started paying for family feasts.

"When I could buy the entire family dinner, that was my mom's bar for success," Olivia told Entertainment Tonight.

"We were at a big Chinese restaurant and someone went to go pay - one of the uncles - and my mom went, 'No, no, no! You pay, you pay! She pay. She pay now!' My mom is very big on me paying for things now that I have some money."

And the next thing that will impress mum, Kim Schmid, will be when Olivia's boyfriend, sportsman Aaron Rodgers, asks her to marry him.

"A lot of people ask me, 'Do you like her boyfriend?'" Kim shared, "All my brothers and sister, and my nieces and nephews - they can't wait for them to get married."

Olivia has been dating Aaron since 2014.

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