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Nicki Minaj struggled with tour decision after crew stabbings

Rapper Nicki Minaj contemplated calling off her forthcoming Pinkprint Tour after the fatal stabbing of one of her entourage.

De'Von Pickett, aka Day Day, was killed in an attack in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last month (Feb15) following an argument with another man, while a second member of Minaj's road crew, Eric Parker, also sustained injuries in the incident and remains hospitalised at the city's Einstein Medical Center.

Minaj revealed she was tempted to axe her upcoming concerts to allow her time to grieve, but decided the show must go on.

She tells Britain's Metro newspaper, "I don't think people understand how fast-paced this business is. You never get a chance sometimes to do what normal people do, like mourn a loss. Everything happens so fast. My band members took it very hard. They were with him all the time and toured with him for years. When I came to rehearsal after he had been killed, the look on everyone's face - it was heart-wrenching. I can't let anything stop us from putting on the show because that would be quitting. So we're going to continue the tour in his memory."

Philadelphia resident Pierce Boykin has been charged with murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault and other related counts over the incident.

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