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Nicki Minaj dismisses 'absurd' festival demands rumor

Nicki Minaj has dismissed rumors she threw a tantrum backstage at a music festival in Scotland over the muddy conditions, insisting she donned rubber boots and joined in the fun like everyone else.

The rapper was reported to have demanded the grass outside her dressing room be cut before she would agree to go ahead with her appearance at T in the Park earlier this month (Jul12), but Minaj is adamant the "absurd" story is not true.

She tells Australia's Sunday Herald Sun, "It's the most absurd thing I've heard printed about me in a very long time. Who gives two f**ks about someone's grass? I was wearing my wellies and it was all mud...

"I would never tell anyone to cut grass. I don't give two s**ts about anyone's grass. I went to the festival happy to have an outdoorsy (sic) type experience. Why would I go somewhere and ask somebody to cut grass? It's sad because I can't defend myself against these lies.''

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