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Nick Lachey jumps out of helicopter in new reality show

Singer Nick Lachey put his life on the line by jumping out of a helicopter while shooting upcoming reality TV series Stars Earn Stripes.

The 98 Degrees star, who is currently expecting a son with wife Vanessa Minnillo, recently signed up to compete on the programme, in which celebrities complete real military exercises to raise money for veterans and members of the armed forces.

However, Lachey admits he feels lucky to have finished the show, set to premiere on 13 August (12), without serious injury.

He tells Entertainment Tonight, "You have to understand, this is not an exaggeration - you're jumping out of a helicopter that's 15 stories in the air - anything can happen. And in those moments I'm asking myself, 'Why do I have to do this right now, why do I have to be here right now?' (But) none of us went into this thinking, 'OK, we're gonna die.' We went into it thinking, 'OK, we're gonna come out on the other end.'"

The singer also insists his participation on the show even spiced up his love life with pregnant Minnillo, "She was all for it... I think she actually kind of thought it was a turn on."

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