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Nick Jonas: 'Success is about evolving'

Nick Jonas tries to stay cutting edge.

The singer rose to fame as part of sibling group the Jonas Brothers, along with older brothers Joe and Kevin. However since branching out as a solo star in 2014, he's embarked on a different sound with his music.

As well as singing, 23-year-old Nick is also an actor. He keeps fans up to date with his goings on via social media, knowing full well how important it is to embrace technology when reaching out to followers.

"Everything has to evolve, and the world never stops turning," he shrugged to Topman magazine. "So you have to be aware of the fact that as a creative person, it's important to stay as close to the cutting edge as you can, because you can fall behind, which is scary.

"It's important to be creative in how you give your fans and people that aren't familiar with the music access, because they're not all just going to buy it or stream it. I'm not counting out that I would never do that (drop an album on celebrity owned streaming site Tidal) - I might - but I feel like it's worked for them."

He's also using his experiences to help other artists gain control over their careers, and started his own artist-centric label, Safehouse Records, with Demi Lovato and talent manager Phil McIntyre.

He admits when he was in the Jonas Brothers, and even when he went solo, he was "pretty controlling" but after taking a step back Nick found he was able to write songs that would "redefine" his career more easily.

As for advice for up-and-coming performers, he says it's all about trust. "Trust the people that you work with, and even if it doesn't go the way you planned, there's a lesson in there that can help you next time," he stated.

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