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Nick Jonas hints at Rita Ora romance in new track

Nick Jonas has sparked speculation he once dated British singer Rita Ora after explaining the candid lyrics of new breakup track What Do I Mean To You.

The Jonas Brothers' new song name checks a woman named Rita, and Nick has now opened up about the inspiration behind the words in a new interview with Idolator.com.

Nick tells the music website, "I was inspired by being in London. It's really dark. That's what I love about this song. We used to be more creative than we needed to be with our lyrics to disguise the things we were really talking about and the people we were talking about.

"Now, it's more fun to just lay it out. The person's name who it's about is in the second verse of the song."

The second verse lyrics read, "No need for water, Rita/ You got the wine/ Searching for diamonds/ When I gave you the time."

Nick goes on to suggest the woman mentioned in the track treated him badly, adding, "My favourite line in the song is 'Keys to an open door, don't need a lock/ Stains on a dirty floor, you don't see a spot.' Basically it's just saying that this person treats you so poorly that you just have to lay it out."

Fans are speculating the Rita mentioned in the track is the R.I.P. singer, who is now in a relationship with superstar DJ Calvin Harris.

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