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Nick Jonas has to choose collaborators carefully

Singer Nick Jonas refuses to work with people he can't trust.

The 23-year-old hitmaker became famous after performing with his two older brothers Joe, 26, and Kevin, 28, in their band the Jonas Brothers for eight years.

The trio split up in 2013, and, after having released two albums since the launch of his successful solo career in 2014, Nick is very selective about who he writes songs with, confessing he is far too sensitive to work with just anybody.

“The biggest thing for me is building a circle of people I really trust, people I’m willing to get vulnerable with," he tells Billboard. "So in the last two and half to three years of writing and recording I’ve built up a great group of collaborators, from Jason Evigan, who I did (song) Chains with along with a few others, to Nolan Lambroza, who I did (song) Jealous with, to a bunch of others who are just great and add so much.”

In footage from a new online docu-series, which began streaming on Tidal last week (end3Jun16), Nick admitted his years with the Jonas Brothers were filled with "layers of complication" and "regret", but he is still open to working with his sibling Joe, who now fronts hitmaking pop rock band DNCE.

“Would I write again with Joe? Yeah, for sure," he declares. "Obviously we’ve written quite a bit together in the past so there’s that built-in trust.

"If he wanted me to jump into a session with him I’d be more than happy to, and vice versa. We have a lot of respect for each other and it’s great to see we are both able to do our own thing now.”

Nick released his third solo album, Last Year Was Complicated, on 10 June (16).

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