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Nick Jonas feared career was over after Jonas Brothers split

Singer Nick Jonas was plagued with doubt about his solo career after his band the Jonas Brothers decided to call it a day.

The 23-year-old performed in the group with older brothers Kevin and Joe, but after eight years together, the siblings decided to go their separate ways in 2013.

Nick has since gone on to establish himself as a successful solo singer, as well as starring in TV dramas Scream Queens and Kingdom, in which he plays a conflicted mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter going through a dark period in his life.

However, despite his seemingly never-ending run of success, Nick insists he can relate to his Kingdom alter ego, because he worried about what would happen to his career following the band's break up.

"I've certainly had my moments of disappointment, and I've been really grateful for what's been an amazing couple of years," he told Vulture. "But before that, I doubted myself a little bit. I had a moment where I was curious if my career had come to an end, if that was it.

"Thankfully, that was not the case. But I do relate to my character a bit more than you'd think. A career is built on ups and downs, so it's all about trying to gauge those and take what you can from each experience."

Nick has transformed his image since setting out on his own, and hasn't been afraid to show off his buff physique in Kingdom and recent movie, Goat.

While some stars would be shy about stripping off, Nick admits he has no real problem with getting naked on screen.

"As I've gotten older, it's been nice to just explore and be creative," he said. "With Kingdom, obviously fighters fight shirtless, so that's why that's happening. In addition to that, it's playing around with creative minds who have great ideas, and part of that is tapping into an older side and a sexier vibe. It's just about going on a journey and having fun while creating something.

"I'd have to see how important it was to the story to go fully nude or not. But I think if it's the right thing and it feels important that it be in there, then I'll do what I gotta do."

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