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Nicholas Hoult wore tiger suit for skydive

Nicholas Hoult opted to wear a ridiculous tiger suit during a recent skydiving adventure in Africa, so his friends and relatives would have something to smile about if his parachute didn't open.

The daredevil Warm Bodies star almost talked himself out of the stunt by believing that he was doing everything for the last time hours before he arrived at the airfield, and with death staring him in the face he donned a tiger-stripe outfit complete with hood and ears in a bid to make sure his funeral wasn't too serious.

The About A Boy star explains, "They showed the different jumpsuits they had lined up and there was one in tiger print, like a onesie, with a little hood and little ears... I thought, 'That's the one!'

"In my head I was like, 'You know what, if I am gonna die today, at least then everyone who knows me can be like, Oh, it's a shame he died, but at least there's a funny, morbid twist on it.'"

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