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Nicholas Hoult terrified of first lead movie role

Nicholas Hoult experienced a "new scale of panic" while filming his first lead movie role because he could no longer "coast along under the radar" as a supporting actor.

The 23 year old found fame as a child star, appearing in 2002's About a Boy alongside Hugh Grant, and has gone on to land parts in films including A Single Man and X-Men: First Class.

This year's (13) fairy tale blockbuster Jack The Giant Slayer marks Hoult's time as a leading man, and he admits the prospect was daunting.

He tells Britain's Elle magazine, "Before, the pressure wasn't on me - other people were in the leads and I could coast along under the radar. But when you step up to do the lead, it's a new scale of panic. It's resting on your shoulders.

"I read an interview with Daniel Craig and he says he still gets nervous playing Bond, knowing it's such an expensive production. And that's Daniel Craig - he's already a movie star! It's even more terrifying for me."

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