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Niall Horan: 'One Direction could reunite in the near future'

One Direction's Niall Horan has revealed the band's reunion is closer than some fans can imagine.

The group announced plans for a hiatus last year (15) and the bandmates went their separate ways after Christmas.

Niall, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson have been working on solo projects, and devotees have started to wonder if they'll become the next 'N SYNC and never regroup.

But Niall, who became the first of the foursome to release a solo single recently, is now assuring fans he and his bandmates will eventually hit the stage together again.

"For now we are doing our own thing," he told The Graham Norton Show on Friday (14Oct16). "We can't put a date on it but it won't be in 50 years' time. It's in the foreseeable future. We've talked about it but for now we'll just play by ear and see what happens."

Niall's focus is currently on his new solo hit This Town and a debut album he reveals might not be released until 2018, but the 23-year-old admits he does miss his bandmates.

"Of course I do (miss them)," he continued. "We were all writing and recording, but recently I have begun to think, 'This is it now. I am writing an album for me'."

Speaking of his album last month (Sep16), during an appearance on Australian DJ Kent 'Smallzy' Small's radio show, he said, " "The album's nowhere near done yet. I haven't even finished writing it yet... I wouldn't be expecting it this year and I wouldn't expect to hear it next year."

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