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Neon Trees open up about funky group name

Rockers Neon Trees are named in reference to their favorite fast food haunt.

Frontman Tyler Glenn was a big fan of the famous West Coast chain In-N-Out Burger as a child, and when he decided to form a band with his neighbor, guitarist Chris Allen, he became inspired by the sign's alluring palm trees, which are often decorated with bright lights outside the eatery.

And the fate of the group's name was sealed when the pair hired bassist Branden Campbell, whose dad had actually designed the imagery.

Explaining their title, Glenn says, "Me and my friends (sic) were idiots in high school and we ate a lot at In-N-Out Burger. And they had the neon palm tree lights at this particular one. And... (Campbell's) dad actually built 'em 10 years before I even met them. So it's kind of this weird, metaphysical fast food story."

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