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Ne-Yo: 'I don't condone Chris Brown's behaviour'

R&B star Ne-Yo has spoken out to clarify his comments which suggested Chris Brown had been treated unfairly by U.S. authorities, insisting the troubled singer has made "serious mistakes" and he is "paying for them".

The So Sick hitmaker was caught on camera by TMZ.com talking about Brown's ongoing legal troubles as he awaits trial on an assault charge.

Ne-Yo appeared to suggest Brown had been given unfair treatment because of his star status, saying, "The system likes to make an example of celebrities, that's all it is. Because he (Brown) is who he is they're making an example of him. It's not right but it is what it is."

However, Ne-Yo has now posted an explanation on his Twitter.com page.

He writes, "I didn't condone anything he's done. Everybody knows Chris has made some serious mistakes. And he's paying for them. Let him be... All I really said was 'he'll be alright' and that's all I was gonna say. Not gonna dis (sic) a friend... I won't kick a man when he's down... I'm prayin' for you Chris. All love bro (sic)."

Brown is due to stand trial on a misdemeanor assault charge later this month (Apr14) stemming from an alleged attack on a man in Washington, D.C. last year (13).

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