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Naughty Boy glad to be done with Zayn Malik Twitter feud

Naughty Boy is happy he's no longer trending on Twitter after his public spat with Zayn Malik last year (15).

The DJ and producer collaborated with the 23-year-old star shortly after he left One Direction in March 2015, but their friendship turned sour after Zayn accused Naughty Boy of leaking his music video for No Type. Zayn labeled the 31-year-old music star a "fat joke", though Naughty Boy insisted he had nothing to do with the footage online, insisting the pair fell out over "something else".

Looking back, Naughty boy - real name Shadid Khan - has learnt from the fall out and won't make the same mistake again.

“I am cooler than that," he told Britain's Evening Standard newspaper. “You got to learn from it. I am glad it happened really. I am happy not to be trending on Twitter first of all, and I learned you have to understand your own value as an artist.

“What they (One Direction) do is an economy. It’s not me. I’m about working in the studio with artists. It’s done and it’s put to bed now.”

Luckily for Naughty Boy his career was boosted in a positive way at the end of 2015 when he collaborated with singing sensation Beyonce on song Runnin'. He describes the experience as a “a real bucket-list moment” and admits he thought it was a prank at first.

"I was told she’d call about half an hour before and it was surreal. It was a shock," he recalled. "We worked out on the phone how to arrange the song and the music. It was all a bit last-minute. We spoke for 20 minutes about her album and her tour, we spoke just like normal people.”

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