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Nathan Sykes: 'My fan messages have got saucier!'

Singer Nathan Sykes has been inundated with saucy messages from fans now he's older.

The pop star first shot to fame as one fifth of boy band The Wanted, which he joined when he was just 16. He has now embarked on a solo career, and admits that now he's more mature, the nature of the fan contact has had has become slightly raunchier.

"It’s changed as I’ve grown up," Nathan told Attitude magazine of his gay fan base. "The messages and comments - not only from gay fans but also from mums - are getting saucier. Originally it was, ‘Don’t go near him, he’s only 16,' but it’s OK now that I’m in my 20s!"

Nathan is currently supporting Little Mix on their Get Weird tour. While his set is in sharp contrast to Little Mix's show, he thinks it works really well.

"I’m really at ease with life and enjoying everything that’s happening," Nathan added. "The girls (Little Mix) are lovely and they put on an incredible show. I’m doing a very stripped-back set, which is a contrast to the big production the girls are doing.

"Everyone is nice and friendly."

Since leaving The Wanted and forging a name for himself as a solo artist, Nathan has earned more than a few comparisons to Zayn Malik, who is enjoying huge solo success since leaving One Direction.

But the comparison is something Nathan finds flattering, rather than upsetting.

"Listen I’m a massive fan of Zayn and his album is brilliant," he insisted to the publication.

As well as working on his music, Nathan is enjoying the perks of being an up and coming solo artist - such as the parties and attention from the opposite sex. However, he insists he's not one to go crazy and is just making the most of the opportunities that come his way.

"I’m not behaving like an absolute nutter but I’m not at home in bed, reading a book by 8pm. I’m pretty much doing what most 23 year olds do, with the bonus of getting to sing and travel the world," he smiled.

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