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MTV bosses criticized for VMAs marijuana messages

Bosses of an anti-smoking organization who sponsored ads about the dangers of tobacco use during the MTV Video Music Awards telecast on Sunday (30Aug15) have complained to network executives about show host Miley Cyrus' constant marijuana references.

The pot-loving pop star made lots of jokes about her love of weed, sang about it in her finale song Dooo It! and even appeared in a skit with her grandma, in which fellow stoner Snoop Dogg turned into a pig to help her through "a heavy trip" - and officials at The Truth Initiative weren't impressed.

The group's spokesman Eric Asche says, "It is entirely understandable for viewers to be confused, after hearing so much about marijuana during the VMA broadcast, to see a powerful advertisement about the dangers of tobacco."

Miley's marijuana messages during the show also upset members of watchdog organization the Parents Television Council.

President Tim Winter says, "What they're (MTV) basically doing is telling everyone, especially kids... that marijuana use is nothing to eschew."

To hammer home her pro-weed message after the show, Miley hit the backstage press room with a lit joint and handed it round to event photographers.

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