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Moore was having convulsions, according to 911 call

Demi Moore was having convulsions at her Los Angeles home on Monday night (23Jan12), according to an edited version of the 911 call placed by her friend.

The Ghost star was hospitalized after paramedics were called to her house near Benedict Canyon and on Tuesday (24Jan12) she checked into a treatment facility for exhaustion. She reportedly checked out of the center on Thursday (27Jan12).

On Friday (28Jan12), officials released the recording of the frantic 911 call after deleting drug references to protect Moore's privacy. However, the tape still provides new insight into the events which unfolded shortly before her health crisis.

According to the tape, which was obtained by TMZ.com, the female caller can be heard saying, "She smoked something. It's not marijuana, but it's similar to it. It's similar to incense. She seems to be having convulsions of some sort. She's semi-conscious, barely. She's convulsing. She's shaking, convulsing, burning up."

Moore recently split from her husband of six years Ashton Kutcher and the actor was snapped touching down at a Los Angeles airport on Thursday (27Jan12) after spending several days in Brazil.

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