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Mom sitcom writer hired to adapt One Direction fan fiction for film

Paramount Pictures studio executives have tapped Mom sitcom writer Susan Mcmartin to adapt a fan fiction novel loosely based on One Direction.

Anna Todd, from Texas, landed a six-figure deal with Gallery Books for her popular pieces a year ago (Jun14) after uploading installments of her steamy story After on digital self-publishing website Wattpad for over a year.

The tale follows the romance of a punk version of One Direction star Harry Styles and a college student called Tessa and it became an instant hit, with more than one billion views. It also became the site's most-shared story in 2013.

Paramount bosses optioned the film rights to After last year (14) and now they have confirmed plans to move forward with the project by appointing McMartin to write the script.

A release date for the movie has yet to be announced.

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