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Model: 'Justin Bieber did not spike my drink'

A model at the centre of allegations she was drugged at a party hosted by Justin Bieber has absolved the star of any blame during a TV interview.

Police were called to a recording studio in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday night (27Sep15) to investigate reports Bailey Scarlett's drink had been spiked.

She had fallen sick during a party at the studio and was later hospitalised, but she made a full recovery after the incident and has now addressed the drama on TV.

The 18 year old appeared on Australian TV show A Current Affair and broke down in tears as she discussed what happened.

She explains, "I... remember collapsing to the floor (on the street)... I basically just screamed 'I need an ambulance'... When my partner found me, I was unconscious and convulsing... I am 99.9 per cent there was something in my drink... I wouldn't put so much on the line (if I wasn't sure)..."

After the incident, Scarlett posted a message on Facebook.com revealing Bieber had attempted to calm her down after she fell sick.

She claimed he dismissed her symptoms as a panic attack, but she has now spoken out to quash the suggestion, adding, "I've had anxiety attacks before and I know how to calm myself down in that situation and I'm never convulsing on the floor or unconscious. So I think for him to call it a panic attack is such a joke."

However, Scarlett is adamant Bieber is not to blame for what happened to her: "I am not making up some novel for fun... I don't want to blame anyone... I don't feel like it's Justin Bieber (to blame)."

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