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Mischa Barton still fighting estranged mom over house sale

Mischa Barton has accused her estranged mother of stalling the planned sale of their Beverly Hills mansion, a year after suing her parent for fraud.

The former The O.C. actress has been locked in a bitter dispute with her mom, former manager Nuala, since accusing her of stealing money from the star's film career and fashion endeavors in 2015.

In last year's court filing, Barton also alleged her mother had rigged the paperwork on the purchase of the California property to give herself co-ownership of her seven-bedroom pad, and then took out loans against the house before kicking her daughter out.

The case was dismissed in February (16), after the two women agreed to sell the $7 million house to help them both settle financial debts, but according to DailyMail.co.uk, the sale hasn't gone to plan.

In legal papers filed in May (16), Mischa claimed Nuala was reneging on the deal by refusing access to potential buyers and failing to work with realtor Josh Altman, who was appointed to help the star offload the home.

Mischa's lawyer went on to allege Nuala rejected a $7 million offer they had received for the house, blaming her "unrealistic expectation as to the value of the Property", which her estate agent had listed at $9 million .

They requested the judge overseeing the case to place a trustee in charge of securing a sale - a proposal Nuala is objecting to.

Mischa's mother hit back at the "heinous" and "false" accusations in her own court response, lodged last month (Jun16), insisting her daughter is the one to blame for the delay of the property sale.

Nuala maintains she has "done everything in her power" to score the "highest possible" price for the estate, claiming she was "wary" of Mischa's buyer and had instead agreed a sale with another customer for $7.35 million , but the actress' reluctance held up the deal and that offer has since been reduced to $7.05 million .

The two women have since accepted the $7.05 million bid and the sale is expected to close in the coming weeks - helping them both pay off creditors in full - but Nuala is still fighting to have the trustee request thrown out of court, branding it an "extraordinary and drastic measure".

Nuala's court filing continues, "As such, the Debtor's (Nuala's) conduct throughout this case has always been in the best interest of the creditors, the estate and Mischa.

"Mischa's Motion is moot and no grounds exist to appoint a... trustee."

The actress has yet to publicly comment on her latest family dispute, which emerges three months after she attempted to launch a career comeback with a stint on talent show Dancing With the Stars.

Mischa didn't last long on the competition, and became the second celebrity to be booted from the show in April (16).

Her TV appearance came after years out of the spotlight, following her exit from teen drama The O.C. in 2006, when she then became more famous for her troubled personal life, including a 2007 DUI arrest, a stint in rehab, and an emotional breakdown in 2009.

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