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Miranda Lambert's dad blasts vandals who defaced hometown sign

Miranda Lambert's father has chastised vandals who have defaced a billboard celebrating the singer's achievements in her hometown of Lindale, Texas .

An image of the Gunpowder and Lead hitmaker's face greets visitors entering the small town, but the sign was recently targeted by delinquents, who painted a white mustache on her photo.

Her disgusted dad, retired police officer Rick Lambert, tells local news station KLTV, "My wife and I just shook our heads and thought some ignorant fool that doesn't have enough to do (is) out destroying property that cost the Rotary Club of Lindale. They collected the money to do that and we regret that somebody is stupid enough to go out and destroy city property like that."

He adds, "Lindale's trying to be proud of a local girl done good (sic) and then somebody wants to destroy that. If it's jealousy or if it's drunkenness, whatever, it's idiocy either way."

The greeting poster is set to be restored, thanks to local resident and businessman Peter Cilliers, who owns a sign company.

The Grammy Award winner has yet to comment on the news.

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