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Miranda Cosgrove: 'Bus crash changed me in a good way'

Teen star Miranda Cosgrove refuses to dwell on her tour bus crash in August (11), insisting the accident changed her life "in a lot of good ways".

The iCarly singer/actress broke her ankle and was forced to cancel her Dancing Crazy Tour after the vehicle she was travelling in collided with a tractor in Illinois.

She subsequently underwent an operation on her leg and had regular sessions with a physiotherapist to aid her recovery.

Last month (Oct11), the 18 year old walked unaided for the first time since the accident, and Miranda Cosgrove is now feeling positive about the future.

She tells Girl's Life magazine, "When anybody goes through something hard like that, it does something to them. Even though it was a bad accident, it changed me in a lot of good ways.

"One of the first things I thought after surgery was, 'Oh my gosh, driving isn't going to be as fun now.' But I'm over it and can't wait!"

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