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Miley Cyrus turns down racy roles to avoid upsetting her fiance

Miley Cyrus would never sign up for a risque role that would make her fiance uncomfortable - and she expects the same from him.

The pop star and actress accepts her man occasionally has to lock lips with a co-star in a movie, but now she is planning to become Mrs. Liam Hemsworth, she admits they both know how far to go with onscreen romance.

She tells radio presenter Ryan Seacrest, "At this point we're engaged, like we're forever. I think if I was a girlfriend and all this stuff would happen I would feel like I need to show my ownership.

"But I've turned down scripts, because I felt like it was things (sic) that not only make me feel uncomfortable, but I don't think any career is worth stressing out the person that you love the most or making them feel hurt. So, we both give each other boundaries."

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