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Miley Cyrus' little sister targeted by online bullies

Miley Cyrus' little sister has begged online bullies to leave her alone after she was bombarded with vile abuse over her looks.

Noah Cyrus took to her Instagram.com account this week (06Nov13) to show off her new half-shaved hairstyle, but the 13 year old was left heartbroken reading cruel comments about her makeover.

Now the youngster has issued an emotional plea asking her cyber haters to leave her in peace.

In a post on Instagram, she writes, "Everyone please stop hating on me. I'm my own person... I can do whatever I want. Please stop being so mean.

"Do you think I enjoy reading comments tell (sic) me I'm ugly and I'm trying to be someone I'm not when I'm only being myself. I can't believe the words people are saying to me right now. Please I beg of you just stop."

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