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Miley Cyrus blasts 'rude' critics for targeting Kelly Osbourne

Miley Cyrus has chastised Twitter.com users for "bombarding" her pal Kelly Osbourne with threatening messages after the rock offspring defended the former Hannah Montana star against allegations she's a pothead.

The teen singer/actress hit the headlines over the weekend (26-27Nov11) when video footage of her cheeky speech at her recent birthday party surfaced online. In the clip, Cyrus pokes fun at her bong-smoking controversy last year (10), when she was caught on camera puffing on a huge pipe allegedly containing the hallucinogenic legal high salvia.

As she was presented with a cake featuring the likeness of pot-smoking reggae icon Bob Marley, Cyrus laughed, "You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake - you know you smoke way too much f***in' weed."

Osbourne then quipped, "I thought salvia was your problem!"

Gossip bloggers immediately jumped on Cyrus' comments as an apparent confession about her alleged penchant for pot, but Osbourne has been quick to clear up the claims and took to her Twitter blog on Sunday (27Nov11) to insist the birthday girl's speech and cake was all part of a big joke.

But Osbourne subsequently found herself under attack by a number of Twitter users for standing up for Cyrus - and now the young superstar has spoken out to silence the critics.

In a post on her blog on Monday (28Nov11), Cyrus writes, "Please stop bombarding my friends (sic) twitter pages with rude comments. NOTHING gives you the right to threaten people. I love u @MissKellyO :)"

Replying to her pal's kind words, Osbourne replies, "@MileyCyrus i love you more!!!!!!! thanx (sic) for having my back you know i ALWAYS have yours! xoxoxoxox"

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