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Miles Teller: 'I'm not the guy in the Esquire magazine interview'

Whiplash star Miles Teller has addressed his bad reputation in a new Playboy interview a year after he was portrayed in a very poor light in an Esquire magazine profile.

The 29-year-old claims the reporter "had her mind made up" about him before they met and he was disappointed by the piece she wrote, during which he boasted he was "on a quest for greatness".

Teller has called the cover story "misrepresenting", and now he's defending himself in a new Playboy feature.

"If somebody wants to do a hit piece, they'll do a hit piece," he tells the men's magazine. "In that case, the Esquire reporter had her mind made up long before I showed up."

Miles didn't like the way he was portrayed as a "bro" in the Esquire article, insisting he's not chasing fame.

"You can read whatever or say whatever about me, but I care about doing interesting work," he adds. "I don't play the social media game. All I want to do is walk into a room with actors and collaborate."

Meanwhile, Jonah Hill addressed rumours he and Teller didn't get along on the set of new movie War Dogs while chatting to U.S. radio shock jock Howard Stern earlier this week (beg15Aug16), insisting he enjoyed working with Miles but doesn't think they'll become best friends.

"He's genuinely respectful and nice...," Jonah said, "but I don't think we'll end up being best friends in the world, but that's rare. We never argued about each other's acting style or anything."

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