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Mendes: 'Bond has not ditched Martinis'

Director Sam Mendes has blasted reports James Bond swaps his traditional Martini for beer in upcoming 007 movie Skyfall, insisting he only sips ale in one scene.

Fans of the superspy franchise were sent into a spin in April (12) when it emerged Daniel Craig will be shown drinking Heineken in the 23rd Bond movie, as part of an advertising deal with the Dutch beer company.

The news even attracted criticism from former 007 star George Lazenby, who accused producers of ditching Bond's usual drink for "the money" - but Skyfall director Mendes has now spoken out to calm fans' fears.

He's adamant Bond has not turned his back on his shaken-not-stirred cocktail for good, telling Britain's GQ magazine, "There is a moment where he drinks Heineken, or rather a beer. But there is a story reason for that. And he does drink other things..."

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