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Melanie Chisholm warns fans against indiscreet tattoos

Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm has warned fans to "think long and hard" before having tattoos after growing sick of her own body art.

The British singer has numerous images inked all over her body, including a large black cross on her left arm and a linked chain on her right.

However, Melanie Chisholm wishes she had decided on more "discreet" tattoos, and has advised her fans to fully consider the implications of body art before it is too late.

She says, "I don't regret them, I just may reconsider whether I'm going to keep them. I didn't regret them at the time, they were right for me then but we all change, so think long and hard if you're going to get a tattoo.

"My advice is to get them in slightly more discreet places than all over you, like I have."

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