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Meghan Trainor recants anti-voting stance

Singer Meghan Trainor is now "ready to vote" in the presidential election after receiving backlash for her disinterest in politics.

The All About That Bass hitmaker, 22, confessed she had never cast a ballot at the polls in a candid interview with Billboard magazine, published last week (15Jul16), but her comments prompted a barrage of criticism online as detractors slammed her for failing to perform her civic duty.

But Trainor insists her words were taken "out of context", and when the two presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battle it out to become the nation's next president this November (16), she will definitely be voting for her favorite candidate.

"I wanted to learn more about both parties and it's one of the biggest elections of all time," she now tells Entertainment Tonight about her research into the Republican and Democrat political parties, which are represented by Trump and Clinton, respectively. "It's such a big deal and I figured it out, and I am ready. I'm ready to vote."

However, it seems Trainor was already considering the two-party dilemma when she made her now-infamous statements in the Billboard interview, with the star having been quoted as saying: "I should be way more aware (about politics). If it was (Hillary Clinton) or (Donald) Trump, I'd definitely vote for her - but I've never voted and I don't have any desire to."

Meghan also addressed the call for tighter gun legislation in the Billboard chat, touching on another hot political topic following a spate of shooting incidents across the country, including the massacre at gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida in June (16).

"I think it's ridiculous that random crazy people can buy guns," she exclaimed.

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