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McGregor fears for the future of the cinema

Ewan Mcgregor fears cinemas are beginning to price themselves out of the movie business - as more and more people choose to stay at home and watch films than spend a fortune on a night out.

The Scottish actor admits he is amazed by the amount of people he meets who no longer visit the cinema - because the films they want to see are available on their state-of-the-art TVs weeks later.

And he worries more and more movie theatres will close as the prices they must charge to stay open drive fans away.

The Star Wars icon tells WENN, "More and more often I find myself in conversation with people who are no longer going to the cinema; so many more movies are available in our homes now.

"The other problem is cinemas are making money off of selling popcorn and candy and sweets so you have to sit listening to people chew. It drives me f**king crazy. Also, it gets too expensive by the time you buy the kids popcorn and you park; it's close to a hundred bucks (dollars) to take your family to the cinema. It's a shame that that encourages people not to go to the cinema anymore.

"I hope that the cinema isn't going to go the same way as the book store and the record store, and it could well be that we no longer gather on a night out to go and watch a movie. I worry that it's gonna die out and I love the cinema. We all spend the time and effort making movies to look good in that big scale, not on that small screen."

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