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McCartney opens up about phone-hacking fears

Sir Paul McCartney has learned to be cautious after becoming a victim of phone-hacking - he refuses to hold long conversations over the phone and only leaves "benign" messages.

The Beatles legend is convinced U.K. tabloid journalists commissioned a private investigator to improperly access his phone voicemail messages, and has agreed to talk to police investigating the headline-grabbing scandal.

Sir Paul tells The Times he became wary in 2008 during his divorce from glamour model Heather Mills because "there would be stories about how I was going on holiday to the Bahamas or whatever and I would know I hadn't told anyone".

He adds, "The worst thing is that then you suspect everyone - your PA (personal assistant), who you thought was a great girl - 'What if?' At the time of the divorce, I realised there was quite a possibility of many people hacking me for various reasons.

"I used to talk on the phone and say, "If you're taking this down, get a life.' It is a pity not to be able to talk freely on a private call."

And the pop superstar admits the privacy invasion has changed the way he communicates: "I tend not to say much on the phone now. If I leave a message, it's benign. You edit yourself according to the new circumstances of the new world. I think it would be quite good to get some sort of laws (sic)."

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