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Max George hits back at critics following tell-all interview

British pop star Max George has blasted critics amid a backlash for spilling The Wanted's secrets during a newspaper interview.

The star has been under fire since an article was published in the U.K.on Sunday (25Jan14) in which he revealed there was a lot of tension in the band and that he wanted to pursue solo projects.

George was bombarded with angry fan messages for openly criticising his fellow singers, and even his former bandmate Siva Kaneswaran was upset, branding his comments "disappointing".

However, George has now hit back, taking to Twitter.com on Friday (31Jan14) to defend his actions. He writes, "Just to clear up completely so I don't have to go over it again... My interview about everything was not in anyway (sic) dishonest. It was me telling you guy (sic) what had happened.

"Everything I said, the boys already knew. No lies to them or you. Why anyone would say they didn't I have (not) a clue, or try turn (sic) you guys on me for that matter, I have no idea. Well I do but we won't go there.

"I admit there has been miscommunication, but in my eyes nothing has changed... Hope this makes everything a little clearer so we can start being normal and having a laugh again!"

The Wanted are to go on extended hiatus after finishing their 2014 tour.

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