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Matthew Morrison wants to launch performing arts scheme

Singer/actor Matthew Morrison is taking inspiration from his hit musical TV series Glee with plans to launch his own performing arts program in schools.

The star, who plays a teacher running a singing club in the show, wants to set up a meeting with theater impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber to discuss his idea for training up young performers.

He tells The Independent, "My focus is on arts education. I'm trying to create an accredited school program that would go nationwide (in the U.K.) and hopefully global eventually.

"It's kind of modeled after the performing arts school I went to (New York University's Tisch School of the Arts). It would be great to have one in London. It's something I'd like to talk to Andrew Lloyd Webber about... You'd have to keep up the grades to be involved. It would have a big element of under-privileged kids, I think that's important. It's also been proven that music helps you in science and math."

Morrison went on to stress the importance of keeping performing arts in schools, adding, "I don't know why music is the first thing to get cut. I am the product of a public arts education and I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't found that passion at a young age. I think it's a shame and a travesty to cut that stuff."

The 34 year old was given a chance to work with students this week (begs17Jun13) when he held a music seminar at Highbury Grove School in London.

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