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Matthew McConaughey unaware parents divorced each other twice

Written by . Published: February 23 2013

Actor Matthew Mcconaughey had no idea his parents had divorced twice during his childhood - he assumed his mother had simply taken extended vacations.

The Magic Mike star's school teacher mom Kay and former American football player dad Jim were madly in love, but frequently bickered behind closed doors so as to keep their troubles a secret from their three sons.

Over the course of their lifetime, the couple exchanged vows a total of three times, but McConaughey reveals he and his brothers were kept in the dark, never knowing their mother's long trips away from home were meant to be permanent.

He tells Elle magazine, "We didn't know they ever got divorced! We thought Mom was on extended vacation. I'm not bulls**tin' ya! I don't think I knew until after Dad died that those two vacations were divorces.

"They were wild, man. They loved hard."

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