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Matt Damon: 'I'm more of a dancer than a fighter'

Matt Damon doesn't believe his fighting skills as an action star would be of any use in real life.

The 45-year-old actor has built a reputation as a Hollywood hardman by playing superspy and assassin Jason Bourne in the Bourne film series, the latest instalment of which, titled Jason Bourne, is set for release later this month (Jul16).

Although Matt's incredible physique in the movies makes him look like he'd be extremely handy in a real fight, when asked by BBC Radio 2 host Sara Cox whether he would be able to win a scrap in real life, he said the skills he'd learned playing Jason would be of more use on the dance floor than in a brawl.

"I'm a legendary fake fighter, if we were filming it I might have a chance but no, none of the skills would translate at all," he explains. "It's actually the exact opposite, it's actually more like a dance, you know, a movie fight requires both people to know exactly what's happening and to be in the right place the whole time."

The star also admits that in order to look like a man with supreme fighting skills he relies on his co-stars to guide him through scenes as if he is performing a dance routine.

"Where they've always been very smart with these movies is partnering me with someone who's a very good fighter, or dancer for that matter," he adds. "It's like doing the tango actually, you get me, and I can learn as much as I can learn but if you put me with a really good partner I'll look ok, and it's the same thing with a movie fight. Whereas a real fight, each individual guy is pursuing their own agenda."

Matt has admitted that as he has aged, playing Jason is now harder than when he first appeared in the role in the 2002 film The Bourne Identity.

"It's a whole different world... I'm 45 now (and) it's definitely a different thing getting ready," he told BBC News. "Everything's tougher at 45."

However if Paul Greengrass, who directed the first three films in the Bourne franchise and has now completed the fifth, is on board he has no plans to retire from the film series.

"If Paul wanted to do one in a few years but I feel like he's gotta take a rest maybe go away, maybe make a few other movies," he added. "Maybe we'll wake up and there'll be another story for us."

Jason Bourne is released on 29 July (16).

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