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Mary J. Blige doesn't know how to swim

Singer Mary J. Blige has made it her mission to learn how to swim and ski this year (12), so she can better bond with her active pals.

The No More Drama hitmaker grew up in The Bronx, New York - a long way from the beach and snow slopes - and now the Grammy Award winner is keen to take up lessons so she can master her two future hobbies.

While co-hosting morning show Live! With Kelly on Tuesday (24Jan12), she said, "I definitely want to learn how to ski and how to swim... I need to learn, I want to learn that this year. And ski.

"Everyone is asking (me). We just left Utah from Sundance (Film Festival) and they just got their first big snow. And everyone was just out there skiing. And some of the friends that we were staying with asked us, 'Do you know how to ski? Do you want to ski?' And we were like, 'No, we don't know how to ski and no we don't want to learn.' And it's rolling around in my head now to learn."

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