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Mark Wahlberg stuns TV viewers during boozy interview

Mark Wahlberg prompted a Twitter.com storm after he appeared to be drunk during an appearance on a U.K. talk show on Friday (08Feb13).

The actor was booked as a guest on The Graham Norton Show to promote his new movie Broken City, but it was his bizarre antics that attracted all the attention.

Wahlberg, who was seen clutching a glass of red wine throughout the interview, had the audience in stitches as he hugged and flirted with fellow guest Sarah Silverman, joked with actor Michael Fassbender and even climbed onto host Norton's lap.

Viewers whipped up a frenzy on Twitter as they posted their reactions, with one user tweeting, "Very funny watching Mark Wahlberg tipsy on Graham Norton - makes me feel less worried about my slurring when drunk..."

Another wrote, "I was loving the car crash telly (TV) of Mark Wahlberg misbehaving on Graham Norton last night. Did u (you) catch it?"

A spokesperson for the show, which was filmed in London on Thursday (07Feb13), insists, "There was no aggression. Everyone saw the funny side."

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