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Mark Ronson besieged by bees during interview

Superproducer Mark Ronson was forced to flee to safety when an interview was besieged by a swarm of bees.

The Uptown Funk hitmaker was being interviewed by British DJ Jameela Jamil outside Los Angeles mansion when a large group of bees descended on a nearby buffet, and the pair sprinted inside the home as fast as they could to avoid an attack.

Jamil tells British newspaper The Sun, "This huge cloud started coming towards us and we couldn't work out what it was... It turned out to be the biggest swarm of killer bees that I've ever seen... We had literally seconds to run into the house and get behind the glass.

"It was terrifying. We were both there and we just ran for it... Neither of us tried to save each other. It was every man for himself. It was like 500 bees... I would never have left a man down, but we both turned into (Olympic sprinter) Usain Bolt then."

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