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Mark Feehily has new career as a caterer

Former Westlife singer Mark Feehily has become the owner of a mobile coffee shop as he embarks on a new career as a caterer.

Feehily launched himself as a solo star after the boyband split in 2012, but he has since found a new side-career after discovering the joys of dishing out hot drinks and snacks at music festivals.

In an interview with Ireland's Today FM radio station, he admits he loves running his own business, saying, "It's going really well... We've got loads of interest and we've booked it in with a lot of the music festivals and we're talking about doing some Irish ones as well..."

But the Irish pop star admits his newfound hobby has left some fans confused: "People were flabbergasted at the fact that I was in the van making crepes. People kind of have this thing, 'Oh, he was in Westlife a few years ago and now he's making tea'."

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