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M.I.A. settles battle over middle finger gesture at the Super Bowl

Provocative hip-hop star M.I.A.'s three-year battle with the National Football League officials over the rude finger gesture she flipped during the 2012 Super Bowl half-time show has been resolved.

The star found her herself in big trouble after extending her middle finger during a performance with Madonna and league bosses took her to arbitration claiming she had breached her contract and tarnished the sport's reputation.

The Paper Planes hitmaker fought back, but the NFL bigwigs refused to back down, demanding over $16 million in damages.

News of the settlement, which has been confirmed by M.I.A.'s lawyer, comes days after reports suggesting the NFL chiefs have asked potential 2015 half-time performers like Coldplay, Katy Perry and Rihanna to pay them a portion of their post-performance revenue.

Next year's headliner has yet to be announced. Bruno Mars performed a half-time show at the Super Bowl earlier this year (14).

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