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Luke Bracey: 'I was lucky to escape Point Break accident'

Australian actor Luke Bracey is thankful to have completed the Point Break shoot without serious injury after his stunt double nearly lost his life in an on-set surfing accident just days after they rode the waves together.

Bracey's pro-surfing double Laurie Towner was hospitalized with injuries including a broken jaw after he was knocked off his board and hit his head on the seabed while filming in Tahiti, French Polynesia in September (14).

The actor, who plays Keanu Reeves' character Johnny Utah in the movie reboot, has now revealed he was surfing with Towner just days before the "terrifying" accident, and he feels lucky to have escaped the shoot unhurt.

He tells WENN, "I was actually with Laurie a couple of days leading up to the accident. Things were going well and there was this epic third wave and the surf was absolutely massive... You just got this one that caught you out. He got pretty beat under by a couple of waves waiting to come up...

"It was a pretty serious one. I went to see if he was alright (in hospital) and he was happy. It all could have been a lot worse, that's what we are thankful for. It was a big scary moment and it kind of highlights the kind of waves we have in the movie. What stunts we've done, to have that as the worst injury we've had, we are all very fortunate... For that to be the only injury in the movie, we are all relieved and happy that he's alright."

Bracey is best known for his role in romantic drama The Best of Me, which is released on Blu-ray and DVD in the U.K. on 9 February (15).

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