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Ludacris can't give up his first car

Ludacris still drives around in the very first car he bought, a 1993 Acura Legend, because it reminds him of what he has achieved.

The rapper/actor has amassed an impressive car collection over the years but he still enjoys getting behind the wheel of his very first motor.

The Fast + Furious 6 star says, "This is the car that I had way before all the commercial success, so I still drive it. It has, like, over 240,000 miles on the car... I think the Acura Legend was the signature drug dealer car back around then."

Ludacris recently revealed he once had a collection of 15 custom and classic cars, but gave most of them away to family members and friends. The Get Back hitmaker now boasts a more modest garage of six motors, including two vehicles he picked up from The Fast & The Furious franchise sets.

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