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Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend coos about One Direction star's daddy skills

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is a great dad, according to his actress girlfriend.

Danielle Campbell, 21, has been dating the singer since December (15), moths after he split from his baby son Freddie's mum, Briana Jungwirth, and until now she hasn't really spoken about her boyfriend.

But, in a new interview with U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, she has nothing but praise for Louis - and Briana's - parenting skills.

"I think Louis and Briana have done a great job in raising him (Freddie), and he's one of the most special little boys," she gushes about her man and his ex. "He’s got beautiful parents."

And despite the drama surrounding her boyfriend's custody battle with his ex, which hit the headlines earlier this summer (16), Danielle has nothing but praise for Briana, who became a first-time mum in January (16).

"I have so much respect for Briana for everything that’s she’s doing," she told the news outlet. "I think she’s a wonderful mother."

Meanwhile, it appears little Freddie is getting close to speaking his first words. Danielle insists he's not quite there yet but he is "making lots of noises".

The actress is happy to play stepmum-in-waiting but Danielle insists she's too young to think about starting a family with Louis, adding, "I think there's a lot I want to do."

And there's no immediate wedding plans either: "I think right now we're young and we're enjoying each other's company. But he's been so good to me, and I care about him a lot."

"He treats me so well. He's wonderful, so I can understand the appeal from all the other girls."

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