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Little-known movie landed Aaron Paul a sleepover with Prince of Brunei

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul's little-known 2000 movie Whatever It Takes once earned him a palatial bed-in with the Prince of Brunei.

The actor met the Sultan's son at a party in London, where he also drank tequila shots with Michael Jackson, and the royal was so stunned to see a star from his favorite film he made arrangements to fly Paul and some pals out to the Middle East from Los Angeles.

The star says, "He invited me out to his brother's Sweet 16 birthday... We were hanging out in Brunei for a month.

"We spent one night at his palace and he has his own zoo... He had a helipad (and) there's monkeys, like, running all over the place.

"The one night that we stayed the night there, he insisted that I slept in his bed... It was like a giant throne. All his friends slept on little pads all around the bed and he insisted on watching Whatever It Takes, this movie that I did that he loved me in. It was so weird."

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