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Lindsay Lohan 'tortured' ex with break-up song

Lindsay Lohan tortured ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama following their heartbreaking split by recording the song she wrote about the break-up at the home they still shared.

The actress revealed her 2004 song Over was all about Valderrama during a taped appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where her decade-old performance on the programme was replayed, and she revealed she wrote the song the day after the actor broke her heart.

Lohan recalls, "It's a very emotional song. I'd just broken up with someone... It was Wilmer. I was really upset and that song, I'd written, like, the day after, and we were still living together.

"I sang it at his house - to torture him. I was recording the song so loud in his house.

"I was filming (movie) Herbie (Fully Loaded) at the same time; there was a lot going on."

Lohan's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired on Monday afternoon (31Mar14).

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