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Lily Allen feels sorry for Duchess of Cambridge

British pop star Lily Allen has expressed her sympathies for the Duchess Of Cambridge following her high-profile battles with severe morning sickness.

The Smile hitmaker, who has two daughters, admits she empathises with the pregnant British royal, who is carrying her second child and recently canceled a number of official engagements due to a nasty bout of hyperemesis gravidarum.

Allen tells Event magazine, "Poor old Midders. I feel sorry for Kate Middleton. Being in her situation and being pregnant as well, it must feel so suffocating. It was suffocating enough when I was pregnant... But to be part of that institution and to not be born into it and to have to uphold its models must be so... claustrophobic. With morning sickness you feel like you're on a horrible cruise with all these horrible people and you're stuck there for ever. Poor, poor Midders."

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge suffered the same condition when she was pregnant with her first child, Prince George, who was born last year (13).

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