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Lily Allen feared cheetah would attack her on promo shoot

Pop star Lily Allen was ordered to avoid eating meat the night before a video shoot with a cheetah as the scent could cause the powerful beast to attack her.

The Smile hitmaker is on the comeback trail after a four-year hiatus and she releases her new single Air Balloon next month (Mar14) ahead of her third album, Sheezus, later this year (14).

The promo for the track was filmed on a South African game reserve and featured scenes of Allen riding a zebra and stroking a cheetah, but the singer has now revealed she feared the big cat would eat her during the shoot.

Handlers smeared raw steak on Allen's face to attract the beast but she had earlier been advised to avoid consuming meat in the run-up to filming.

She tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "I signed up for it as it sounded like fun and then I am there with a cheetah thinking, 'What am I doing?'. I had a steak wiped on my face so that it would lick me but I had been warned not to eat steak the night before in case I burped and he might have eaten me!"

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