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Lil Twist: 'Justin Bieber rap-sings on collaboration'

Rapper Lil Twist is confident fans will love his new duet with Justin Bieber as it showcases a "different sound" for the pop star.

The Baby hitmaker recently admitted he loves to write rhymes as a hobby but vowed never to record a rap album over fears he'd be ridiculed.

But Lil Twist reveals his pal indulged his love of hip-hop while making their collaboration, Wherever You Are, which features Justin Bieber "rap-singing".

He tells MTV.com, "We're getting ready to drop that record Wherever You Are. Y'all will have that real soon. It's a fun record. Justin killed it. He's, like, rap-singing on it; another different sound for Justin.

"Just me and Justin, people been waiting on that. That's my brother right there. It's just been a long time coming. Now that... the record (is) done, it's time to put it out."

The song will be featured on the hip-hop star's debut album Don't Get It Twisted, which is set to hit stores in March (12).

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